Long has it been known that in the ‘Olden days’ babies use to be wrapped with linen cloth around their waist. This cloth served as a diaper and could be reused over and over and over again. But, these were times when harming the environment wasn’t an issue that was in the forefront of everyone’s minds and let’s be honest, it wasn’t that much of an issue either. Yet, still somehow, this simple technique of diaper use was doing wonders for the environment without even meaning to. Now we know that we can’t switch back to those days and can’t involve such tedious routines (like washing diapers) into our already busy schedules, but we can choose to do actions that might rectify the damage already caused or even reverse it. Yes, we are specifically speaking about nappies and wipes and other baby stuff here. The Nappy Shop is proud to announce to you that we sell and deliver only and only eco friendly as well as baby friendly products, no exceptions. Talk about getting it all in one place!  

Eco and baby friendly 

Yes, you heard right. There is such a thing as eco friendly wipes and diapers. Our huggies nappy pants walker  and wotnot baby wipes bulk  are safe not just for the baby’s skin but also for the environment. After use, you can safely dispose them off with the knowledge that they will decompose and leave no carbon footprint what so ever. That’s a tried and tested thing. Additionally, they are made with the softest of materials so they won’t give your baby a rash or cause any sort of itching or irritation. We know how sensitive a baby’s skin is, so the scents and materials that go in our products have been tested by the respective brands to be highly safe for a babies use. 

Delivery friendly 

The main reason this online shop came to be was because we, as mothers, knew the time and effort it takes to go to a store when you run out of and desperately need something, with a baby or two in hand. The scenario is repeated often if you know the number of diapers and wipes tht a baby goes through in one day. So, we came up with this idea to help us and parents all over Australia get the items we need without having to change, take the car out or use public transport, get to the place only to realize we have our hands full. It’s tough for the baby too if they are on a schedule. So, to get rid of all that drama, we figured a place that you can visit while lounging on your sofa in your PJ’s is something we can all benefit from. Test us and order now. We guarantee same day delivery if you order till 1pm. If waking your baby is a worry, then no issue, you will be notified of your delivery without a bell making any noise.