Learning Made Fun With Toys

Children have a special bonding towards toys. If there be any doubt to it, just observe a young kid in his environment. Most likely he would be playing a make believe game with whatever make believe toys he has on hand. Anything and everything appeals to the creativity of kids – spoons and platters, discarded tin cans, the laundry basket, you name it and they can play with it.

It is a scientifically proven fact that playing with toys enhances the development of a child. Since ages, toys have been used to aid learning and help to grasp the understanding of both simple and complex concepts in not just children but also young adults. Keeping in mind the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the present day environment, more and more toys are being designed keeping in mind the real and perceived developmental needs of children.

Benefits of Educational Toys:
Educational toys in Australia are a fun medium of instruction and education. They are the first tools for any baby to interact with its environment and experience shapes, textures, colors, taste, and sound. Cot mobiles, teethers and rattles are perhaps the first delightful experience that a child has in the magical world of music and movement. They help to develop a child’s motor skills, hand eye coordination and the ability to detect the source of sound.

Toddlers have enhanced developmental needs than babies, and they are also pickier when it comes to toys. Toys with bright, vibrant contrasting colors and sound, appeal more to them. This is the age where kids show an exponential learning curve and the toys must meet their growing need for understanding the world around them. Toys like shape sorters and building blocks provide a whole lot of creative fun at this age. Also windup toys, strollers and other activity toys provide help for further motor development and muscle control in children.

For preschoolers and school going kids, toys with more emphasis on promoting intellectuality, emotional and physical development are needed. This is the age where interactive and role playing toys are most popular that may instruct the child about his surrounding environment or help him to develop a new skill. Children at this age, learn about language skills and numerical ability, so games and puzzles that involve numbers, alphabets, names of popular fruits, flowers and animals help in not only instructing but also retention and reinforcement. By keeping learning, fun and interactive, toys help in ensuring that school lessons never become tedious and boring. This is also the age where a child learns social skills. Toys like building blocks, puzzles and two/many player games help in accentuating creativity and social interaction skills in a child. Basic concepts of science can also be readily grasped with the help of toy models.

Thus, educational toys enhance intellectual, social, emotional, and/or physical development in a child. They are the fun way to learn and grow for every child.